Vulnerability Assessments

We can help secure your systems and customer data against malicious hackers by employing the latest vulnerability scanners mixed with a bit custom penetration testing and hefty doses of know-how. Experience in the careful application of proper security contexts within your systems and our monitoring of the latest “in-the-wild” exploits provide us with the means to help you stay a step ahead of the bad guys.

The United States intelligence community notes that commercially available virus scanners only clean roughly 35% of malicious code. Melissa Hathaway, author of 5 Myths About Cyber Security

  • Website Audits

    Is your website secure? If you can't immediately answer this question with a resounding "YES!" then you are definitely in need of our services, especially if you run an e-commerce site. We can identify and remediate security holes such as CSRF, XSS and SQL Injection attacks.

  • Firewall Audits

    Your firewall is the first line of defense against external attackers. Many firewalls we find are either mis-configured or configured to be overly permissive. An attacker able to exploit your firewall would gain uninhibited access to your internal network putting your, and your customers, data at risk. Our comprehensive firewall audit would close any potential avenues of attack keeping your data out of the hands of cyber criminals.

  • Infrastructure Audits

    Almost all organizations have a firewall, some organizations put their externally accessible servers in DMZ's but almost no organization spends the time to properly secure their internal networks from attack. This leads to the all too common "hard shell, gooey center" syndrome making it trivial for attackers to access critical data once they're inside. This is the most comprehensive assessment we offer which takes into account everything; Servers, desktops, users, firewalls, wired and wireless networking equipment.